Welcome to Horosho! We are a modern tour bureau located in St. Petersburg, Russia. You are invited to experience our memorable private tours and shore excursions.

Let us become your personal insider in St. Petersburg.

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Best food and drinks in St. Petersburg

Food & Drinks

Step inside the worlds of food & drinks! From small confectioneries to grand restaurants - all in the city center for your pleasure!

Culture Ballet St. Petersburg, ballet tickets


Get ready for exclusive and extraordinary cultural events happening in your life while you are in St. Petersburg! Unforgattable experience!

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If you share our passion for fashion we will help you to locate city's most interesting shops with the products of local designers.

Oh! Horosho!

"Horosho" means O.K. Also it means condition when you feel good & enjoy yourself. You will deffinetely do so when spend some time with us.

We are a young team of city's maestros. Each of us may show you St. Petersburg from different angles during day time. At night don't go to sleep! Better ride with us during night city tour & then have fun all night long at some trendy place.

From our menu you may choose classy routes or find some unique offers like fashion tour. You may follow our tips on food, culture, night life, shops etc. We have tried everything from what we recommend!

So many things to do in St. Petersburg! Simply contact us to share your wishes and we will make it happen!


Horosho Team

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